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    Exhibitors Definition

    New Opportunity

    In order to promote the exploration and development of the tourism service products market, push the win-win cooperation within the industry, Golden Commercial with related authorities will hold " The 9th China International Aviation, Cruise, Railway Supplies and Service Exhibition &Travel Health Products Trade Fair 2023" on ,June 05-07, 2023. The exhibition will gather nearly thousand mainly tourism service products buyers at home and abroad (including aviation, ship, train, resorts, troops, schools, factories, hotels, catering and other service enterprises),the tourism service products suppliers and tens of thousands professional buyers to take participant in, through the face-to-face communication, to enhance the understanding and friendship between the tourism service suppliers, and to promote the win-win cooperation.  


    Major exhibits

    • Catering service: desktop tableware and utensils, subsidiary, environmental protection tableware, stainless steel tableware, plastic tableware, ceramic tableware, glass tableware, plastic boxes, aluminum foil boxes,CPET,cling film/ bags, aviation food packaging, aviation dining car, and kitchen catering equipment, etc.;

    • Textile products: cabin crew uniforms and leather bags, ground  service personnel tooling uniforms, pajamas, carpets, slippers, goggles, bedding bag, pillowcase/ core, mattress cover/ core, cushion cover, small rely on core, head piece, door curtain, bed curtain, seat cover, etc.;

    • Toiletries: travel wash gargle suit, paper cups, hanging pocket, lotion, hand sanitizer, soap, perfume, moisturizing spray, etc.;

    • Service items: toilet paper, cleaning bags, garbage bags, disposable sanitary gloves, towels, paper bags, headsets recycle bags, headsets bags, quilt bags, blanket bags, safety instructions, entertainment guide magazine, etc.;

    • Travel products: solid and liquid health agent/ turn dung, cabin cleaners, aircraft carpet cleaner, deodorant, air fresheners, Anti-gum agent, aerosol insecticides, disinfection suppliers, etc.;

    • Air gift: aviation souvenirs, aviation toys, cabin duty-free goods, etc.;

    • In-flight entertainment: electric/ pneumatic and sponge, special electric headsets, noise reduction headphones, in-flight entertainment system equipment and supporting products, etc.;

    • Travel health care products: travel disease-prevention medication, and the health care medicine; travel health care medical facilities, diagnostic reagents, biological agents; disinfection medicines, equipment, appliances; outdoor travel health-care equipment and prevention stuff; emergency rescue and transport facilities; Using and consuming stuffs of travel and hotels industry; healthy and sports series products; travel insurance products, financial product of travel service and travel health-care outcomes,etc. 

    • Others: education and training, lifesaving system and supplies, etc.



    • Domestic and overseas airline/ airport purchasing departments 

    • Domestic and overseas cruise and ferry transportation purchasing departments 

    • Domestic and overseas railway supplies and catering purchasing departments 

    • Domestic and overseas hotel and resort purchasing departments 

    • Domestic and overseas import and export trade companies in aviation, cruise and railway industry

    • Stars Hotels, coffee shops, chain restaurants and chain hotels

    • Schools, armies, hospital and service products companies 

    • Local Inspection& Quarantine Associations and travel health care centers 

    • Government agencies/ industry associations/ media and professionals, etc.


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