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    Show Press Releases

    The five-star meals of Hainan airlines at the 1st international aviation food exhibition


    May 3-5, crowded, Shanghai international exhibition center, a lively group in Asia the first China international aviation food and supplies exhibition was held here.Exhibit on the meeting, as global SKYTRAX five-star airlines, hainan airlines exhibited to the public for the first time the quality of its unique five-star airline meals, including Beijing flavour dry croquette, nourishing oxtail, sweet LanWenChang chicken and so on all kinds of seasonal main meals and drinks.
    Visitors are at Hainan airlines booths and communicate with staff
    Hainan airlines latest air contained a feast for its production of food culture with Chinese characteristics become greatly highlight of the show.Air production feast included LengHun qin quail with snow JiaXiang yam and rosy, the soup "city phoenix elbow soup", Chinese dish "red prawn matchs a make-shift whose steamed duck and wonderful jade jintang lent" and dessert menu "milk poria cocos cake" and a series of theme, got all the exhibitors and visitors both at home and abroad customers high praise and high praise.
    Red prawn with xiangyun whose steamed duck and wonderful jade jintang lent
    Hainan airline’s Food and beverage director Mr wang speaks on the BBS
    According to hainan airlines participants to introduce, the creation of this set of dishes is inspired by a dream of red mansions of China's four great classics, a dream of red mansions written in the middle of the 18th century, covers, north and south han culture collide with each other, mutual absorption fusion model, the author cao xueqin used for nearly a third of the descriptions of the rich and colorful diet culture.Adhering to the essence of Chinese traditional cooking skills, hainan in the second quarter of 2012 to launch a new to feast "red chamber" as the theme of the air.
    The rose milk poria cocos
    Exhibitors at the fair, hainan airlines representatives also actively participate in the BBS and buyers meeting, aviation food and supplies suppliers samples and information collection, and aviation, aviation oil safety and nutrition health food safety and other topics and other experts in the field of aviation food representative face-to-face communication and exchanges, to the development of the aviation meal had a deeper understanding of the present situation and development direction. 

    Organizers unit Golden Commercial introduction, the exhibition is the only global aviation food and supplies in the field of professional exhibition, the exhibition aims mainly to improve aviation food enterprises, supply and airline food purchasing management department, supplies purchasing management department of understanding, understanding, and friendship, promoting the supply and demand both sides win-win cooperation.Airline food as the modern rise of new industries, after years of exploration and practice, gradually mature.In recent years, the global aviation catering market growth of 2% to 3%, China's aviation food market growth of 5% to 6%, the huge market potential has attracted numerous food catering enterprises of our country on the world's leading investment and attention.According to the statistics and forecast in 2011, civil aviation passenger turnover will maintain double-digit growth rates, grew by an average of 9.3% a year over the next 20 years.In 2010, completed the national civil aviation passenger traffic of 266 million people.Calculated according to a meal at 30-50 yuan, 2010 in-flight meal sales to reach about 8 billion yuan.Civil aviation high-speed development and improving aviation food industrialization, will be for our country the development of the aviation industry bring enormous demand space.