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    Show Press Releases

    Many domestic and foreign food and beverage enterprise are focusing on air channel


    The 2nd China International Aviation Food & Supplies Exhibition 2013 was held in Shanghai last April. As the professional communication platform for aviation food, attracting many domestic and foreign food companies, such as PANPAN food and ZHONGLU food. In the exhibition site, reporters said that the category is very comprehensive, including condiments, snack foods, and milk drinks. Manufacturers are eager to show their products to the airline’s purchasing department through this platform.
    In the category of condiments, the LEE KUM KEE, ZHONGJING mushrooms sauce, and BO HONG pickles are to come to exhibitors. The marketing vice president Wang Feng of YUNNAN HONG BIN GREEN FOOD COMPANY said as a condiment company, the aviation catering is our target for the projects. Even if we are not the aviation catering supplier, we still meet the standard of the aviation catering.
    A great number of the milk drinks company come to the exhibitors in this exhibition. The East Green Food Company is the partner for some airlines, but they still brought apple beverage and adjust the packaging specifications of apple chips to get more customers in the exhibition. Furthermore the International trade company with their import juice and milk to the exhibition. “In this exhibition, we are not focusing on seeking dealers but on developing the ail channel. We are working for the XiaMen airline. So we have the experience for cooperation with the airline, and also we have some advantages in quality of the products and packaging.” The manager of the ZHONGLU beverage Said.
    Leisure food is the best hot spots in the exhibition. Beijing yushiyuan Food Co Ltd has brought a series of local products to the exhibition. The sale manager Mr. Zhang said that the green bean cakes, honey hemp flowers have been Sichuan Airlines, Kunming Airlines procurement. Recently, they develop a new Gen Li Ren and Xue Shan Zha to catch the new customers. There are a number of companies in the air channel to create suitable products, such as green food is the first time to participate in the aviation food exhibition, however according to the company sales manager Zhang Jie introduces, current year, they launched a new Green Sheng Kuril Fresh Fruit Salad drinks which target at air channel. Fujian Orientland foods company told reporters,   diversification of varieties become the major airlines in the procurement of a major trend. Good quality, good taste, and has a certain brand products is the first choice for the airline company. In addition, they tend to love the local food. So this time the Orientland food company produce a space banana brittle for the ail channel.
    Although the company is actively develop new products, but not all products can enter the air channel, airlines are asking for food quality is very strict.

    Take an airline catering as an illustration, not only from the procurement of raw materials to processing and distribution are strictly, the entire distribution process has strict temperature control. For example, assembly workshop must maintain constant, temperature should not exceed 18℃. Hot food after heating must use the measuring needle test, the center temperature should be 75℃. Then the food through the downhill refrigerator cooled to 13℃--15℃. Finally, we put the food into cold storage preservation which the temperature between 2℃ to 5℃. Reporters at the show to know, this year the airline catering standard became the mainstream trend, besides the conventional food, the aviation bread, fruit and seasoning dishes will be unified standardization. Without doubt, product quality requirements will be inhanced.